Christian Existentialism Analysis

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The worldview of existentialism is a polar opposite of Christianity. To find meaning with existentialism is impossible. It is also impossible to explain the nature of humanity or the nature of reality. The only logical and practical way to explain the nature of humanity and reality is through scripture and the existence of God.
The world is a cruel and unforgiving place. To many it is their destiny to find meaning in this world, by any means necessary. However, existentialists believe that there is no meaning to life and that we are all just born to die. They live their lives in complete freedom of choice and emphasize the individual. People make decisions based on what matters to them and not what is rational. The focus question of existentialists
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This may seem like a contradictory name, but demonstrates both sides to this view. Those who believe in Christian Existentialism believe that the focus should not be on our own reason, but should be more focused on faith of God over intellect or philosophy. They surrender themselves fully to God. Christian Existentialism relates to Existentialism in the way that there is only one way to find meaning. In Christian Existentialism meaning is found only in faith and nothing else. Existentialism focuses on choice to find meaning and nothing else. Neither of them can explain the existence of humanity, but strive to make the most of what they have of this world. They seem like polar opposites, but hold to the same values of finding meaning in one idea. Both still find that all this life is, is being born to die. An additional form of existentialism is Absurdism. Absurdism is the view that humanity must live in a world that is and will be hostile or apathetic towards them. The universe will never care for humanity as the way many want it to. People then fill that void with made up gods and create stories to satisfy their needs in this world. Absurdism is very similar to existentialism, but is not the same. Absurdism focuses on a specific idea that is not essentially an existential …show more content…
They hold to an extremely skeptical view that nothing in this world has a real existence. I true Nihilist would have believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than to destroy. Both Absurdism and Nihilism are closely related to Existentialism. All three hold to the views that this world is meaningless, unless you do what you want, believe on nothing, and reject any religious groups. Also the worldviews agree that nothing can explain the existence of humanity or for what purpose humanity was made. From a Christian worldview existentialism seems to be a depressing and incorrect way to live your life. Nonetheless, there is still some truth in existentialism. This truth lies in the fact that they believe that you can chose what you want to do when you want to do it. Basically, they agree with the statement of free will. Some Christians and all Existentialists believe that we make our own decisions. God or other divine forces do not decide what our lives are going to look like and have it all planned out. We chose for

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