Abstaining From Voting Is A Form Of Voting Essay

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Abstaining from voting is a form of voting while it does nothing to maintain the true interests of the people lack of an answer is still an answer in the minds of citizens. According to Elect Project in the 2014 election there was a 36.7% of voter turnout this is a low amount compared to nations with compulsory voting (2016). In our two-party system the votes typically come from citizens who support either Republican or Democrat leaving third party candidates to suffer. “A rational voter will cast a vote only if the benefits therefrom exceed the corresponding costs, which is not often the case” (Tucak and Sabo, p.179, 2015). Cost can be observed as financial in the sense of time off work, time in that many voter have to spend time in line to vote and many other cost have been explored by scholars (Singh, 2015).
Figure 1 US Voter Turnout Data from 1968 to 2014 in the US by IDEA The United States graph creates a case study of a control group in which there are no experimental variables applied across the entire nation. As shown the control group displays low turnout for congressional elections and even lower during the midterm elections recording the 2014 election as a record low. In order to address the hypotheses a control group is necessary to find if their changes in the experimental groups. The low voter turnout seen in the US shows that programs with 70 to 80% voter turnout uphold the hypothesis. In the Methodology section the organizations IDEA and Election Project…

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