Abstaining From Sound Has Become A Vilified Commodity Essay

822 Words Oct 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Abstaining from sound has become a vilified commodity. When a word is not spoken and the body does not show emotion, the general public finds the time to subconsciously create a sort of awkward-ness. Silence is constantly mistaken for this second cousin of insecurity. It is built to establish constant connection with inner peace in order to ensure patience as the first option in opposing situations. As snow falls at 1 a.m. in December, the beautiful sound is a personification of pure confidence. The patience allows for one to gather the deepest thoughts and extend their intellect toward entering the realm of the five senses. When true patience is attained, the very air we breathe achieves the taste of sweetness, and the wind we feel increases the mental flow of understanding. Any decision is seen as a chance to create bigger and larger ideas, while the movement of words turns into cement that is to be manipulated into a subject of personal greatness. This snowfall is meant to last a lifetime, but remaining tranquil within the conflicting battlefield of the cognitive center is the objective of encouraging outside sources of energy to not interrupt the personal homeostasis. It is to melt away without becoming unseen, and to be consumed without being swallowed by the vices of society’s heralded lips. It is to maintain the ground of one’s own experiences, without faltering at the heels of destructive tendencies. Continuing a trend of common beliefs, remaining motionless is…

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