Abraham Maslow and the Self-Actualization Theory Essay

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Abraham Maslow was a man who has a tremendous influence on early childhood education. Maslow’s theory was about achieving self-actualization with the satisfaction of human needs. According to Maslow’s theory basic needs have to be satisfied before any other higher level needs can be satisfied. “Abraham Maslow proposed what has become an almost definitive model of self-actualization with his theory of hierarchy of needs.” (Hanley, Abell, 2002). The hierarchy consists of five different levels. The five levels are life essentials, safety and security, belonging and love, achievement and prestige, and aesthetic needs. It is important for the first level to be fully satisfied before the next can begin. I will discuss three of these …show more content…
The younger a child begins to feel the sense of belonging and the love that different people show them the sooner a child will begin to learn. Many feel love and belonging should only be taught at home. I on the other hand feel this should be taught and practiced throughout school and even into an adult’s life. As an academic professional, we should begin this level of Maslow’s theory by helping make the children feel that they are really cared about. There are many different ways to make a child feel welcome even without the child becoming spoiled and not willing to learn more.
We can help a child feel like they are really cared about in many different ways. Sometimes we are able to just acknowledge the child and it will put a smile on the child’s face and make them feel loved We can also help a child feel the sense of love and belonging by creating a family environment in the class room. Many younger children are timid which makes them extremely standoffish. By making the classrooms feel comfortable for the small children they will begin to feel at home and learn more. As an education professional we can make the child feel at home by doing the simplest things. We can have show and tell where they are able to bring something from home and tell about what it is. It is extremely important not to allow any child to feel uncomfortable with the activities. In order to allow an activity like we would need to make sure that each child has

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