Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War Essay

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Every Man has the right to be free in this nation. Our 16th President of the United States, who fought in the civil war to give us this freedom, Abraham Lincoln. Giving his speeches for Senate, Congress and the Nation on his thoughts, beliefs, and actions on slavery, war, soldiers, and the union.
Abraham Lincoln’s letters and speeches are used in this report, to discuss his opinion and thoughts of our rights for freedom. Included here are his letters, to Joshua Speed on slavery, Ephraim and Phoebe Ellsworth concerning a soldier. To Horace Greeley on the Union, of the United States, and to James C. Conkling addressing Union supporters. Also, his speeches concerning the war in “The House Divide” before the Illinois Republican Party “Emancipation Proclamation”. “The Gettysburg Address” and two given to the “Ohio Regiments” in Washington, D.C. Abraham Lincoln was a man whose thoughts struggled with the right way to take action and give equal rights of freedom to all men in our Nation, the United States Of America. It was a major turning point for the equal rights movement, the struggle for Man 's right to freedom, is still currently going on, in our nation today.

Lincoln 's thoughts on slavery were very strong, they have made a great effect on lives then and in our lives today. When Abraham Lincoln wrote to his friend Joshua Speed, in 1855, he states that he “dislikes slavery and that there is wrong in it“, but he also acknowledges his friends “legal right to own slaves. “…

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