Essay about Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War

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Abraham Lincoln was one of the most trusted and influential presidents The United States has had. Lincoln was dedicated to truly serving the people and making decisions that would better the country. During the Civil War period, Lincoln gave many speeches discussing issues that were prominent at the time, and are still prominent today. Although Lincoln talked about many issues during the Civil War era, the most important one at the time was slavery. Abraham Lincoln wanted the American people to turn to free labor and its companion of education. Abraham Lincoln gave many speeches throughout his political career during the Civil War era discussing emancipation, succession, economics, political leadership, religion, and slavery. Overtime, Lincoln’s thinking had changed on certain issues either supporting or not supporting the fundamentals of all issues. Even though Lincoln’s thinking may have changed with some problems, his thinking did not change with slavery. In Abraham Lincoln’s House Divided speech, he debated on slavery. This speech was given for the Republican State Convention and was delivered to address the Republican colleagues. This speech was said to be too radical for the occasion, but Lincoln’s law partner thought the speech morally courageous. In the House Divided speech, Lincoln said that “A house divided against itself cannot stand” (something). Lincoln was a strong believer that slavery should be put to an end. When this speech was given, a policy had already…

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