Essay about Abortion And The Woman Question

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In some states it can take a court order to receive Medicaid for an abortion that meets the criteria for a federally funded abortion. Clinics in many states have little to no relationship with Medicaid because reimbursement for qualifying abortions rarely happens. Some clinicians are reluctant to sign Medicaid request forms when there is not a police report not because they question the validity of the woman’s claim, but because they are afraid of being accused of Medicaid fraud. Some women whose pregnancy could potentially endanger their lives cannot get funding because life endangerment can be hard to prove. Would you be surprised to find out that these problems are still happening this year? Problems with the laws surrounding abortion are the cause of these hardships so there needs to be a change.
“Abortion and contraception were lawful at the time of this country’s founding, and then criminalized, state by state, in the mid-to late-nineteenth century.” This is a quote from Reva B. Siegle in her article "Abortion And The "Woman Question": Forty Years Of Debate." Siegle’s article leads the reader through a brief history of the fight for equal rights for women and for a woman’s right to choose what happens to and inside her own body. Up to 1970 many states had made abortion illegal, but in the late 1960’s and 1970’s women started to fight back. Siegle gives examples of the many new rationalizations for legalizing abortion. People argued that sex and relationships were…

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