Aborted Fetuses

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Dear my friend: You don’t have to be so upset about all stem cell research and treatments. In fact, the belief that stem cells come from aborted fetuses is a misconception. I will clarify this misconception for you. I will begin by explaining the basic stem cell biology. There are two big categorized cells, stem cells and specialized cells. Our bodies contain many types of specialized cells, and each type of specialized cells functions for different purposes. Examples include eye cells, heart cells, and hair cells. They all develop from stem cells. Stem cells are the cells that have not been differentiated to specialized cells. Stem cells come from several sources, the two main sources are embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. Obviously,

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    The morbid actuality of these cell lines is that they are the tissues taken from forcefully aborted fetuses. WI-38 was an infant girl at three months gestation, MRC-5 was an infant boy at fourteen weeks gestation, and multiple other tissue samples were taken from forcibly aborted fetuses, totaling up to twenty-six aborted fetuses to get the right strain. The purpose behind originally collecting these tissue samples develop a rubella virus vaccination strain,…

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    fetus, is nothing. . . . It is understood that life begins at the point of conception and must be respected” (Kanter). This means that from the first day of the pregnancy, fetuses are considered human beings and they deserve the respect as any other human being would receive. Critics argue that it is provoking human rights. Fetuses are humans and they have the right to choose if they want to be participating on the research or not. It is unethical to use their body for a research without their consent…

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    A fetuses right to live surpasses a women's right to privacy. The woman made the mistake of not using protection and shouldn't take it out on the innocent human being that doesn't have anything to do with that. Abortion takes away the child's life, freedom…

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