Abnormal Psy Essay

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Chapter: Chapter 1: Introduction: Definitional and Historical Considerations and Canada's Mental Health System

Multiple Choice

1. An illustration of abnormal behaviour would be:
A) Soiling oneself once a month at age 14.
B) Experiencing anxiety when engaged in rituals after leaving the house.
C) Losing control of oneself in anger, with no apparent provocation.
D) None of the above are examples of abnormal behaviour.

Ans: D
Difficulty: 2
Page: 3

2. A happily married man covertly purchases women's
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What is the difference between a Ph.D. and a Psy.D. program?
A) Ph.D. has more emphasis on research than Psy.D. program.
B) Psy.D. has more emphasis on research than Ph.D. program.
C) Psy.D. doesn't allow you to practice as a psychologist in Canada.
D) There is no difference between the two programs.

Ans: A
Difficulty: 2
Page: 5
Type: Canadian

21. Demonology was the
A) practice of expelling evil spirits from a possessed person.
B) devil worship and satanic cults that some ascribed to causing mental illness.
C) idea that an evil being may live in a person and control his or her mind and body.
D) somatogenic hypothesis of mental illness.

Ans: C
Difficulty: 1
Page: 6

22. The first theory of deviant behaviour attributed the behaviour to
A) demonic possessions.
B) dysfunctional learning experiences.
C) excessive black bile.
D) hypochondria.

Ans: A
Difficulty: 2
Page: 6

23. Two known treatments of deviant behaviour, at the time humanity believed that deviant behaviour was caused by being possessed by evil spirits, were:
A) Hanging and juices
B) Bloodletting and hanging
C) Exorcism and trepanning
D) Moral treatment and juices

Ans: C
Difficulty: 2
Page: 6

24. Expelling

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