Abigail Adams : An American Woman Essay examples

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Akers, Charles. Abigail Adams: An American Women. Boston: Brown, Little and Company, 1980.

Abigail Adams: An American Women written by Charles W. Akers. This book was based on Abigail Adams, the wife of John Adams, the first vice president of the United States and second president of the United States, and mother of the United States’ sixth president, John Quincy Adams. The book follows her life, from her parents’ lives before she was born to meeting John and fighting for women 's rights. Throughout her whole life she always fought for women 's rights. She tried to get John Adams, her husband, to take what she believed in and tell the nation about it. The authors purpose was to depict the importance of Abigail’s life through words and show the reader how she fought for what she believed in. That her life was not only important because she was the wife of the United States’ second president, John Adams or that she was the mother of John Quincy Adams, the United States’ sixth president.
One of Akers main arguments is that he believed and agreed with Abigail Adams; that women could do what they believe and that they are equal to men. That they are not lower than men, and that they should be treated the same without hesitation or questions. During the whole book, Aker supported his argument in many ways. He shows what he believes and puts his own opinions on what Abigail was doing throughout the book. For example, on page 43 Akers added a piece of one of Abigail 's…

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