Samuel Adams And The Sons Of Liberty

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Samuel Adams is a monumental political American hero who assisted in leading the movement towards the American revolution, an event that started American history and lasted from 1775 and lasted until 1783. He was a key player is events against various acts and taxes put on the new world by Great Britain. Without his courage and bravery to stand up against Great Britain America would not be what it is today. Samuel Adams was born on September twenty seventh, seventeen twenty two in Boston Massachusetts. He grew up there where as a child he learned a lot about politics from his parents, mostly being from his dad who was a political leader there in Boston. After Adams had tried on several occasions to start a business in the New world yet failed, …show more content…
This group was lead by none other than Samuel Adams. This group would protest against the King with their commonly known slogan around the Americas, “No Taxation Without Representation.” Protesters would chant this saying around town squares across the Country, the saying came from the idea that one government should not impose taxes upon those who have to representation which is exactly what the king did. Parliament passes sever taxes and acts onto the Americas even though America had no say in Parliment. Alongside the groups more direct actions, they would also document nearly everything the King did that both directly and indirectly affected America. This included everything from taxes to deployment of soldiers onto American group to also news and media spread in Britain about America. They used this information to help convince people to assist them and to overall sway American citizens to want their independence from …show more content…
This event took place on the night of December 16, 1773 in the Boston port. This was right after the king imposed a new act known as the Tea Act. This act gave the British East India Company a monopoly on tea sales in America. This is what cause the spark in which The Sons of Liberty used to ignite the American Revolution. On the night of the Boston Tea Party the Sons of Liberty, dressed up as native Americans in hopes to disguise themselves, and marched onto a British ship carrying tons of imported tea. The Sons of Liberty then continued to dump all of the tea off the ship into the Boston Harbor. However this event was not derived as such a direct objection to the King. Adams and the Committee of Correspondence tried furiously to peacefully get the British ships carrying tea to sail back to Britain. However after several back and forth conversations with the ships captains it was discovered that there was no way for the ships to bring their cargo back to Britain. They were forced by customs law to deliver their cargo and be done. This is what made Adams and the rest of the committee to resort to what is now known as The Boston Tea Party.
Samuel Adams and the Boston Committee of Correspondence was yet another massively impactful group derived from the desire to gain independence from Britain.

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