Abelardo Morell's Photography

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Abelardo used his photography to express his hardships and feelings of isolation as a foreigner in the United States. He also fancied the topic of Surrealism in Photography because it suited his feelings of being a stranger in a new country. Abelardo Morell is a renowned Cuban-born photographer in the field of Contemporary photography, known for his invention working methods, including the use of a Camera Obscura that represented by Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York City. He took the Camera Obscura out of the past and bring it toward the future. The paper will explore Abelardo Morell’s life, photographic career, and discusses how the Camera falls into his career. Also, this paper will include an art critic reviews of his artworks. This paper …show more content…
In the order of “adding the sharpness and brightness for the images, he use the color film and positioned the lens in plastic” to captured the moving image that displays on the wall. This proves a scenery from outside at the opposite wall (Camera Obscura by Abelardo Morell). He created more of these images in the room from the interior spaces in his home. In the Art of Atlanta interview, he stated, “To make something poetic and beautiful and perfect, even though it just a stupid box. Not an elegant thing, but it produced beautiful things inside” (ArtsATL Review). The images that he created, …show more content…
Botolph’s Club Foundation Award in 1995, the DeCordova Museum Rappaport Prize in 2006, an Alturas Foundation Grants to photograph the landscape of West Texas. He was a recipient of the Infinity Award in Art, Intel Center of Photography in 2011.
His photographic illustration of “A Camera in a Room”, was published by Smithsonian Institution Press in 1995, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland published by Dutton Children’s Books in 1998, A Book of Books published by Bulfinch Press in 2002, Camera Obscura published by Bulfinch Press in 2004, Abelardo Morell published by Phaidon Press in 2005, including his recent publications of limited edition books by Museum of Modern Art in New York with images of Cliché Verre and text by Oliver

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