Abc Motorcredit Case Study

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Buying a reliable used car is a great way to meet your transportation needs, boost your credit score, and stay within your budget. At ABC MotorCredit, you’ll enjoy a vast inventory of high quality vehicles at a variety of price points. On top of the great selection, you’ll also get to take advantage of a range of different programs and incentives to help make your car buying experience a great one.

Guaranteed Loan Approval

Helping each and every customer get approved for vehicle financing has been the primary goal of ABC MotorCredit for over 20 years. We recognize that even good, responsible people can be faced with challenging life circumstances that damage their credit scores. When you shop at ABC MotorCredit, you’re guaranteed to be approved
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You may feel concerned that a used vehicle will be more prone to mechanical issues than a new model. Even though all vehicles sold by ABC MotorCredit undergo a thorough inspection, we still understand that customers feel better with some additional coverage. That’s why every vehicle sold by ABC MotorCredit comes with a warranty included in the purchase price. Depending on the vehicle you buy, you’ll receive either a 12 month/12,000 mile or a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty that covers important mechanical components such as the engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and more. The warranty also includes 24/7 roadside assistance with towing and a free loaner vehicle to help you out if you need …show more content…
In addition to warranty described above, your vehicle purchase comes with lots of other great perks as part of the value package. Before you take your vehicle home, it will undergo a comprehensive mechanical inspection to help assure you that you’ve made a good choice. Just in case you change your mind, our dealership also offers a 48-hour exchange program that will allow you to exchange your car for any other car on the lot of equal or lesser value. You’ll also enjoy flexible insurance rates and can potentially reduce your rates down to 2.9%. If you want to refinance your loan, you can do so at any point during the life of your loan without penalty. As an added bonus, ABC MotorCredit will report your loan payments to all three major credit bureaus each month so that you can rebuild your credit

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