Abandoning Innovation in Emerging Industries Essay

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Abandoning Innovation in Emerging Industries*

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Life cycle studies of industries that emerge from new product innovations have consistently documented a relatively smooth pattern in the number of firms: an initial increase during the growth stage, followed by a “shake-out” period, and a final mature period where the number of firms is roughly constant over time (e.g. Gort and Klepper, 1982; Hannan and Freeman, 1977; Klepper and Graddy, 1990). At the same time, scholars have acknowledged the high degree of technological and market uncertainty facing firms that enter emerging industries (Utterback and Abernathy, 1975; Tushman and Anderson, 1986; Rosenkopf and Tushman, 1994; Brown and Eisenhardt, 1997). Related literature on first mover (dis)advantages discusses the risks of pioneering and has documented significant failure rates for pioneering firms (Golder and Tellis, 1993). This work calls into question the smoothness of the initial increase in the number of firms. Do industries experience a smooth take-off in the number of firm, or is there considerable churn and turbulence experienced by early entrants? Is there evidence of a sharp decline in the number of firms during the emergence stage — a “mini shakeout” — and if so, how prevalent is the phenomenon? What distinguishes industries that experience a mini shakeout from those that

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