Aaid Autism Multiple Disorders Essay

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AAID Autism Multiple Disorders
Rose Francis
November 27, 2012
SPE 226

There are many different kinds of developmental disabilities. The American Association On Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities create an outline of what is to be considered an intellectual disability. Their intellect has to considerably limit their ability to properly express the appropriate social behavior while also limiting their adaptive skills within the community and interaction with others. The disability has to be identified before the person is of the age of 18. It also There are also different approaches which should be looked into when classifying a person with intellectual disabilities. Medical professionals have to rate the imparity on a
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They eventually learn helplessness because they do not possess the motivation seeing other students are grasping the concept and yet they are. Speech problems are very common among intellectually disabled children. Some have articulation problems whereas others stutter. If a child has a mild disability with no genetic reason, most of the time there are no physical signs whereas if they have a genetic predisposition condition there are physical signs of a disability. The causes for these disabilities vary by disability. For many of the mild disabilities have many possible multiple causes however most of the time it is unknown. The cause of the moderate conditions usually has sociocultural influences, or genetic predisposition that has been passed on throughout their family’s history. Early interventions for these children are essential to start the learning and adaptive process to help them grow and development in a nurturing environment. Early intervention programs work on student’s communication skills, their peer interactions, and how they will be ready to absorb formal instruction once they enter a structured atmosphere such as preschool or elementary school. The areas which are addressed and developed are motor skills, self-help skills, peer interaction, verbal communication, and academic skills. These areas are necessary so the student is able to become more independent as a person so they are able to participate in

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