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UNIT 1- CAR BODY DETAILS Cars can come in a large variety of different body styles. Some are still in production, while others are of historical interest only. These styles are largely (though not completely) independent of a car's classification in terms of price, size and intended broad market; the same car model might be available in multiple body styles (or model ranges). For some of the following terms, especially relating to four-wheel drive / SUV models and minivan / MPV models, the

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It provides support to all the mechanical
components, as well as protection for the vehicle occupants. Although there is no
separate complete frame or chassis, many monocoque/unibody designs now often
include subframes. Steel monocoque construction is now the most common form
of car bodywork, although aluminum and carbon fiber may also be used.
Less common types include tube frame and space frame designs used for highperformance cars. There have also been various hybrids, for example the Volkswagen
Beetle had a chassis, consisting of the floor pan, door sills and central tunnel, but this
chassis relied on the stiffening provided by the bodywork, a technique sometimes called
semi-monocoque construction.
Non-structural body panels have been made of wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass and
several more exotic materials.
Body styles
There are several common car body styles:






Sedan, known as a Saloon in British English.


Open or partly enclosed:

Convertible (or Cabriolet)

Stanhope body

Touring car


Town car

Rear door designs:

Station wagon or Estate car






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