A Young Man Who Calls Harriston, Ontario Home Essay example

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This is the introductory essay of a young man who calls Harriston, Ontario home. Matthew Feenstra, a product of Midwestern Ontario was born and raised by strong beliefs and family traditions which were integrated into many work experiences, hobbies, and interests. His love for agriculture is shown wherever he goes and in whatever he does.

Matthew was born and raised on a family farm in Wyoming, Ontario. The farm was fifteen minutes from Sarnia which is a border city to Michigan, U.S.A. Wyoming is a town of about 7600 people with a strong farmer community. The town had all the necessities for family and farm life with a small tractor dealership, feed mill, and a farm based hardware store. A grocery store, bank, and family restaurant added to the mix of businesses.

The family farm, Jaydawn Farms was owned and operated by Matthew 's grandfather and father which consisted of about 300 workable acres and a cow/calf operation. Every opportunity that Matthew had, he was over doing something on the farm with Grandpa or dad, this is where the spark for agriculture was fueled and allowed to expand. Having an older sister with a disability, a younger brother, and another sister on the way, the family was growing and needed a larger income to satisfy the activities of the family. Taking over the family farm was not an option, as my Grandpa 's love for agriculture seemed to grow with age. As a result the family moved off the farm in search of more work. Matthew did not appreciate…

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