A Worn Path By Eudora Welty Essay

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In the short story, A Worn Path, the use of a literary device such as the symbol of ageism is one way in which the author, Eudora Welty, successfully described the main character, Phoenix Jackson. All throughout the short story, there are many examples of how Old Phoenix is depicted as an aging person who is near the end of her life. Although one is left to interpret our own ideas of what Phoenix Jackson represents, the strongest example of her would be her aging. Throughout the entire story, pretty much anyone that knows the main character, Phoenix Jackson, calls her by the name of “Granny” or “Grandma.” Even if the person did not even know who the old lady was, he or she still referred to her by the name of Granny. The man with the gun that Jackson had met on the path also, called her by this name. One thing that the man with the gun said to Phoenix was, “Well, Granny, you must be a hundred years old, and scared of nothing I’d give you a dime if I had any money with me. But you take my advice and stay home, and nothing will happen to you” (Welty 55).The man was intentionally telling Old Phoenix that she was really old and that she should not be wandering on the path on the way to the town, but instead should be at home where nothing could harm her. As the story progresses, Jackson makes her way from the path into a paved town. There, a woman on the street also calls her by a similar name. However; this time, Phoenix is referred to as “Grandma” Since the lady is clearly…

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