A Woman Who Has Many Casual Sexual Partners Essay examples

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“A woman who has many casual sexual partners.” -- this is the dictionary definition of the word --slut-. Although, to most people, the word means so much more than what it’s actual meaning is. Many people in this day and age have extreme confusion about what the word actually means. When people think of a slut, they think of the girl who is more open about her sex life; they think of the girl with the baby, or the girls who falls for boys who would never fall for them. This often leads to something called, “slut shaming”. Slut shaming is the act of judging, or looking down on a girl for being sexually active. Slut shaming can range anywhere from catty girls talking about how someone got caught in the back seat of a car, to boys harassing a girl to send them pictures because they heard they’ve done it before. Most people don’t think of slut shaming to be such a harmful thing, but they don’t think about what is happening to the “slut” when everyone is shaming her. I remember the first time I was really called a “slut.” The word had been thrown around before about little things I’ve done, such as kissing boys in middle school or hanging out with more than one guy, but I was never really affected by it until the end of my freshman year. I remember walking into the school that monday, expecting it to be a normal day, until I walked into that first class. I stepped into the room, and it immediately went silent. All heads turned my way, including the teachers. I walked to my…

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