A Way Of Life : Filipino Culture Essay

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A Way of Life: Filipino Culture The variety of cultures introduces a variety of gender roles. Gender roles is such a complex topic because culture reflects the way a man or woman is viewed, and it also determines the expectations of men and women. In the Filipino cultures there are other things to factor in when considering the role of men and women. Age and titles are things that must be factored in when considering the roles and expectations of men and women of the Filipino culture. The many roles that men and women take on determines where they stand when viewing the culture from a social hierarchy point of view. Filipino women are expected to take on the image of “Maria Clara” which is a woman who is shy, demure, modest, self-effacing, and loyal to the end (Alfredo Roces). The daughter is expected to care for their mother (Alfredo Roces). As a young woman or “dalga” it is expected that they play “hard to get” (Alfredo Roces). The wife is a victim to double standards imposed by society (Alfredo Roces). She isn’t allowed to speak openly or ill about her husband, she must tolerate mistresses, receives the blame if her husband has mistresses, and she is expected to keep her husband’s best interests in mind and to care for the children (Alfredo Roces). The many expectations of Filipina women have some differences when compared to the role of the young woman in Sandra Cisneros “Only Daughter”. Cisneros speaks about how all her family wanted for her was a good husband. When…

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