A Voter Registration Drive Will Be Held At Midtown Market Essay

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A voter registration drive will be held at Midtown Market in Paducah on Saturday, January 30. The Graves County High School Young Democrats will be sponsoring the event, but everyone, regardless of party affiliation, will be helped to register.

Just looking at Kentucky’s registered voters’ party affiliation might convince you that the Democrats have it easy in the state, but this isn’t the case. While the Democratic Party does outnumber the Republican Party in Kentucky in amount of registered voters 52 percent to 39 percent respectively, Kentucky’s voting pattern shows a clear lack of party loyalty. On the state level, Kentucky voters have elected only two Republican governors in the past 40 years with Democrats having a strong hold on the Kentucky House of Representatives, the executive offices, and up until 1999, the Kentucky Senate. But when looking at Kentucky’s voting record for national offices a Democratic Presidential candidate hasn 't won Kentucky since Bill Clinton in 1996, the two incumbent U.S. Senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, are Republicans and five of Kentucky’s six representatives to the U.S. House of Representatives are also Republicans. This shows that Kentucky’s “liberals” aren’t that liberal, and that most politicians in Kentucky are conservative regardless of their party which leads people in Kentucky to vote Democrats in for state offices and reject the perceived overly liberal national Democratic Party by voting Republicans in for national…

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