A View From The Bridge Character Analysis

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Everywhere in this world people desperately try to attain the most sought after emotion, love. Numerous people sing and kill for this powerful emotion; however, it’s not the only one of its kind. Another intense emotion is the opposite of love, hate. In the play “A View from the Bridge” Arthur Miller is able to present that the world he created is about love and hate because of Eddie’s romantic love towards Catherine, Rodolpho and Catherine’s’ love for each other, Marco and Rodolpho brotherly love for each other, and the overall family love that many of the characters, in this play, show each other. Some relationships are so strong they don’t need to be related by blood to be considered family. A bond can be created between two people that …show more content…
Both Eddie and Marco had to make sacrifices for the people they loved. All of Marco’s friends and family were in Italy. Italy was his country, his true home; however his family wasn’t in the best situation. He did the best course of action in his situation. His love for his family drove him to emigrate to America and become an illegal immigrant just so he could make some money and help them. At that time Beatrice’s cousins weren’t in the best conditions in Italy. They had no jobs and some of their family members had Tuberculosis. She offered her cousins, Macro and Rodolpho, a place to stay and an opportunity to help his family. She knew that she was breaking the law by helping illegal immigrants, but she took that chance. Helping her unfortunate family was much more important than following the law of her country. Catherine wasn’t his real daughter; nonetheless, Eddie provided for her. He protected, he gave her a home, and he helped her get an education. Providing for his niece and his wife wasn’t easy he had to “We work hard, we’ll work all day, all night”. At the end of the day all of that hard work was worth it, if it meant that his family could be

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