A Vicious Lawless Associate Is Defined By Three Elements Essay

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A vicious lawless associate is defined by three elements. It must be noted that neither adjective vicious nor lawless are defined term in that they were simply rhetoric which are at best meaningless and at worst misleads as to the scope and substance of the law.1 The elements are instead firstly that the accused must have committed any one of the declared offence listed under schedule 1 of the Vicious Lawless Associate Disestablishment act. In the case of Alan, he had unlawfully produced a dangerous drug under section 8 of the Drugs Misuse Act 1986. The dangerous drug being cannabis and the production in question was that under section from that of harvesting the cannabis under which is section 8 subsection 1d. If he is found guilty that he harvested a quantity of cannabis that exceeds the ‘500.0g or if the dangerous drug consists of plants the aggregate weight of which is less than 500.0g, 100 plants’ he will be liable of a base maximum imprisonment of 20 years. If the quantity is lower than the prescribed amount he will be liable for a base maximum of 15 years. 2
The second element is that the defendant had to of participated in the affairs of the association when the offence was committed. The participation bears a corresponding meaning set out in section 32 of the Acts Interpretation Act. Therefore participation needn’t be of an illicit nature, but merely creating a connection between the offender and the association. 3 The defendant had formed a contractual…

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