A Very Detailed Explanation Of Technological Unemployment And What It Might Means For Our Future

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This documentary film gave a very detailed explanation of technological unemployment and what it might means for our future.

The only problem in this scenario is how to implement it. It has to be done on a large scale with the understanding that the profit motive will be moot, that any acquired fortunes will become meaningless, that work and living will become mutually separable and that creativity will be the new culture over fashion, religion and possessions.

As actual technology advances, the job loss will affect some no-skill jobs, as fruit pickers, while others will survive for a while (janitors) since the robotics did not progress acordingly. But other jobs will be lost as well, as mid-level accounting, or other similar, due to Watson-like systems. Problem is that robots and clever databases do not buy things. A manless economy is a nonsense. But this is reality(for example, A robot may replace two-three workers, and can be afforded by Small to Medium Enterprises. But this is a challenge for the entire society: to find ways of using the human resources released from physical labor.

The advances in technology have become ordinary circumstances in modern society. It is hard to believe that less than half a century ago, computers were born. These new toys were created so that life would be made simpler for human kind. Yet, scientists and engineers refused to stop at such a simple creation as the computer. They sought the extreme boundaries of what circuits and…

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