A True War Story By Tim O ' Brien Essay

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The narrator of “How to Tell a True War Story”, Tim O 'Brien, does not recount the true moment leading up to Curt Lemon 's death, so this is how to tell a true war story. Curt Lemon was not afraid at all of going to war. In fact, he was loyal and brave to his countrymen. Still, there was only one thing he was scared the most. He was extremely afraid of the Army optician. In O’Brien story, he said about Curt Lemon 's death:
“The angles of vision are skewed. When a booby trap explodes, you close your eyes and duck and float outside yourself. When a guy dies, like Lemon, you look away and then look back for a moment and then look away again. The pictures get jumbled; you tend to miss a lot.”

It was another day for Curt Lemon and his bridge company of platoon stationed near the Gulf of Tonkin, 80 miles off the South China Sea near Northern Vietnamese territorial waters. The Mess Hall tent filled with a band of blue, white and tan sitting in long tables like we were in elementary school. The lights were dimmed. Everyone was lining in single file to get food served onto trays at the kitchen. Lemon says, “boys will be boys… look over there…” Immediately, a fight had broken out between these two guys. We all looked at each other and nodded, it must be his spectacles. We tell him to use to only use them as a last resort.
It was time to do our annual vision checkup, and an Army optometrist is sent in to medical facilities. As the men sit and wait for their turn to see…

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