Essay A True Definition Of Catholic Marriage

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This text’s purpose is to explore and to find a true definition of Catholic marriage and how the definition is slowly changing and adjusting to contemporary times. In a day and age where the definitions of love, marriage, and sexual identity are slowly changing into a universal state, Catholic understanding of these concepts is starting to challenge the modern understanding of what love truly is. One of the main questions that the world is posing is that whether the Catholics will slowly start to become more liberal and tolerant of these concepts, or if they will stay true to their conservative visions. In order to tackle these questions, however, we will need to look at what the Catholic definition of marriage and love truly is. The understanding of marriage to Catholics can be divided into four categories: free, total, faithful, and fruitful.

This is the most general of the four points of Catholic marital understanding. When Catholics state that love is something that is free, they intend to say that the love that two people have coming into marriage and sealed by a covenant between themselves and God, it has an ability to experience and see a new kind of love, a love that arises from a sexual love to a wholly self-giving kind of love, one that Jesus and God had for all of us. It’s a kind of love that brings them closer to God and, therefore, makes them feel a new kind of freedom and a renewed sense of self.

This point discusses how the intimate union of marriage is…

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