A Time For Kill By John Grisham Essay

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The struggles faced by the main characters in A Time To Kill written by John Grisham are faced today by women and African Americans.

In the movie A Time To Kill” There were many people that were horribly racist as sad as that it but I will only be using a few or you 're gonna be here all day. The first person or should i say people i 'm gonna talk to you about Is the Jury. Now the reasons behind this statement is throughout the movie you see the jury conversating about the case even though they are not supposed to and you see them voting over if they think he is guilty or not. They aren 't taking into consideration the reason behind the shooting only thinking about the fact that a black man had shot and had killed two white men. Now this happens in real life too you can 't ever have a racist free case there is most likely one or two racist individuals on jury. For example in Wales there was a whole case that collapsed and had to be moved to a different town to be retried. The reason was due to the jury collapsing in a race row. The most insulting and most obvious signs of racism in the whole movie is from Billy Ray Cobb and James Louis ‘Pete’ Willard they are the two boys who had raped the 10 year old little black girl after being disrespectful and thrown alcohol bottles everywhere. When they were being arrested they were insulting the black cop and saying “ No black people allowed around here” and saying that he can take his blackness somewhere else.The last example…

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