A Teacher 's Teacher Turnover Rate Is Sky Rocketing Essay

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Singer Patti LaBelle, Actresses Constance Marie, Magan Mullally, Hilary Swank, and Zoe Saldana, Entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey, Astronaut Ed Lu, and Athletes Landon Donavan, Larry Izzo, and Rodrigo Lopez all have one thing in common. These notable figures express gratitude and give thanks to a teacher that inspired them to reach their goals (National Education Association). Like these figures, many can look back into their educational past and remember one teacher who provided inspiration. It was, the one teacher who cared by taking the extra time to help or ask questions, give a genuine smile, challenged personal expectations, and so seamlessly was part of the school relic. However, as times change, especially in education, we find that new generations of students are rarely able to find that one inspiring teacher. Not because amazing teachers do not exist, but because the teacher turnover rate is sky rocketing.
Teacher turnover according to Boe, Cook, and Sunderland (2008), is describes as,
“…major changes in a teacher 's assignment from one school year to the next. Turnover includes three components…leaving teaching employment (commonly referred to as attrition), and moving to a different school (commonly referred to as school transfer or as teacher migration). A third, but neglected, component is teaching area transfer, such as the transfer of a teacher from an assignment in special education to one in general education” (p. 8).
Furthermore, teacher turnover rate in urban…

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