A Taste Of Honey By Shelagh Delaney Essay

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Like a ship or build a family’s strength is dependent on its structure. In reading the short play A Taste of Honey, by Shelagh Delaney, the reader’s mind is saturated the many positive and negative examples of a family. Reading A Taste of Honey one can draw a logic idea of what makes a family successful. Each member of a family adds a pillar of stability and preforms their duty to keep their respective family intact. Similarly a family without the many components that make a family successful have a higher that likely change to come crashing down a fiery epic failure like a train being derailed. The failure and success rest upon each member, but traditionally the male father is the head of a household and therefor he is charge mainly with leadership and the success of a family.
A home is only as strong as its leader. Typically a male husband is the leader and head of a family. In marrying his wife, a male has placed himself and his wife under the commitment of raise a successful family. In A Taste of Honey Helen is a single mother and has presumably had her husband leave her. Since this she must complete both role as a mother and as a father. Being a father to a child is no easy task since it brings so many responsibilities. The first of these is providing shelter for a family to grow under. After becoming a father a male is often responsively for providing to his family. Helen is a contestant to this burden and she clearly tell her daughter, Jo, what she worries about the…

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