A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essays

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The Figure of the Double in A Tale of Two Cities The doubling technique is used to compare and contrast two different objects. In A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens uses this in order to portray something to the extreme either positively or negatively. He compares two different circumstances to bring the lightness and darkness out of either one of them. In the novel, Dickens foils the environment in England and France during the French Revolution because during this time period, everything is very tense and chaotic. Also, he contrasts the mobs in those countries. Even though the throngs have similar goals, there are still distinct traits that separate them from one another, and Dickens wants to display that. Lastly, even though Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay have similar appearances, they have two clashing personalities. The figure of the double is useful in A Tale of Two Cities because to show the similarities and differences between England and France, the mobs in France compared to those of England’s, and how different the characteristics between Carton and Sydney truly are. Dickens juxtaposes the two main settings of the novel, England and France. He portrays that the environment in France is darker than that of England’s because many citizens are upset with the government. The king and queen of France are living extravagant lives, while many people are suffering from poverty and cannot afford food. Also, they are not receiving any help, which is unfair. However,…

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