A Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens Essay

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Perhaps the most revered novels ever written pose a challenge for the reader to process and ponder about. By utilizing foreshadowing in the novel, authors are not only captivating the reader, but are also emphasizing the motif. In A Tale of Two Cities, author Charles Dickens uses foreshadowing to underscore that the desire to live a content and meaningful life comes with sacrifice. The sacrifices made come to suffice for the time that the French peasantry, Sydney Carton, and Doctor Manette live deprived of peace and purpose in the world.
The events surrounding the French Revolution foreshadow a better way of life for the peasants. Prior to the revolution, a wine cask bursts open on the streets of Saint Antoine and, “All the people within reach had suspended their business, or there idleness, to run to the spot and drink the wine” (32). Charles Dickens uses a metaphor to display that only the spilled blood of the aristocrats can please the peasants want. This want is the peasant 's desire for a change that will transcend their lifestyle and society. The revolution not only delivers blood to the peasants, but will also bring freedom from oppression by the French aristocracy. When peasants led by Defarge are preparing to storm the Bastille, “Every pulse and heart in Saint Antoine was on high-fever strain and at high-fever heat” (206). The peasants are willing to sacrifice their own lives for the uncertain success of the revolution. “Every living creature there held life as of…

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