A Tale Of Two Cities Analysis

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French revolution is a great historical event of the world which brought a great revolution in history of Europe. French revolution is the background of A tale of two French cities. Charles dickens wrote a novel in which he told the story of two cities and also the condition of the cities in the 18th century. The purpose of study is to understand the elements of French revolution in a tale of two cities. The philosophers of that time awakened the peoples of that era. Through their ideas the public of France had raise their voices for their rights. The aim of the revolution is to bring change. That time the government, all the institutions were corrupt. They wanted a responsible, fair government. They do not want to be treated like slaves. They just wanted to get rid of the unfair system of the society. Before the revolution, the lower class of the society was being treated badly by the aristocrats. All the institutions were badly corrupt. Public of France was very eager for the change and for this purpose they struggle a lot and finally they got success.

Chapter no 1 Introduction
. Dickens’s Novel “A Tale of two cities”.
Tale of two cities, which was published in 1859, is a historical novel, which is written by Charles Dickens. This novel is written during
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Charles Dickens has strong the essential danger of the Revolution and in his novel he has shown us the effects of horror, or the vengeful face of the revolution, on few citizens who had concerned in these communal actions against their spirit. There are many sources which inspired dickens to write his tale of two cities and French revolution as its theme. Carlyle’s French revolution was one of the major sources for

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