A Summary On Youth Involvement Essay

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Unique Parkinson
Bruce Stout
Criminology Senior Capstone
04 November 2016
Rough Draft: Youth Involvement in Gangs
Gang members are known for being hardened law breakers with little to no regard for human life; to think of an adolescent being a part of a group with such a reputation can be quite unsettling. Youth gangs contribute heavily to juvenile crimes but, instead of being helped and possibly rehabilitated with community-based or court referred programs they are often either given a “slap on the wrist” or they are incarcerated in youth detention centers. After doing research, it is clear that potential juvenile gang members have similar characteristics; from age to family and school life. Incarceration for these youths should be avoided if possible and substituted with effective alternatives such as community-based programs. These programs should be readily available in the chance that they are needed but, prevention programs should be in place to attempt to eliminate the need to intervene once these youth have already joined gangs. No one knows for sure exactly when or how youth gangs made their way to the United States. Many believe they first began in either Europe or Mexico (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 1998). Some attribute youth gangs to the Mexican migration to the southwest after the 1813 Mexican revolution because while under very poor conditions, Mexican youth had to adapt to the American culture and way of life and most likely found…

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