A Study On Virgins Of The Sun Essay

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1. I think it is interesting that Bingham possibly used the size of the skeletal remains found as a way to determine the sex of the remains, concluding that 80% of the bones found were female, and coming up with the conclusion that the remains were those of the ‘virgins of the sun’. I find it interesting and amazing that these structures were each made with precisely cut stones all of which were hand cut, without using electric tools, equipment, or mortar and that it is still standing today. Lastly, it is interesting that Machu Picchu could have been built by people who did not even have a written language, the Inca communicated through a calculated system of knotted strings call quipu.

2. I personally do not think it really matters who discovered Machu Picchu first, or who takes credit for the discovery. I think that Bingham is the person who discovered Machu Picchu because he was the first person to visit the site to research it, study it and photograph it, whether he thought it was the city of Vilcambra or not, he was still the first person to take such an interest in the site.

3. Bingham and his team originally believed that they found the lost city. When Bingham and his team came across over 100 burials, they believed that was evidence to confirm his original theory. After further examination of the bones, he confirmed that they were, 80% were female; Bingham believed that these were the skeletal remains of the ‘virgins of the sun’. According to Spanish accounts,…

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