A Study on Indian Economy Essay

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Introduction to area of study India has come a long way in terms of economic growth. There is broad consensus that the global centre of economic growth is moving to Asia, and as a large emerging nation with a growing middle class, India has captured the attention of developed economies looking for new investment and trade opportunities. The Softer indicators of economy – aspirations, health, and literacy – are all registering discernible improvements. Over two decades, India has implemented wide-ranging reforms that opened up the economy, dismantled the old licensing system and introduced competition into a number of sectors that had
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With the LPG policy, India has become fastest growing economies in the world next to China. Now its pace is slow when compared to past 20 years, with the U.S dollar strengthening, we see that not only Indian economy that is slowing down but other economies in the world as well. The macro economic issues risen up in current scenario. The future prediction of Indian economy is hard as there is political instability. For last several years the performance of Indian economic growth is remarkable (praiseworthy). But when it comes to social indicators such as health and education performance of India is limited. Inequality is often blamed for the poor links between economic growth and human development.

1211536, 1211543 | A study on Indian Economy – Past , Present, Future


“India is a country with many poor people but is not a poor country”. It is a country of population just over one billion (1.237 billion in 2012 approximate) of which about 300 million live below the poverty line. It is the largest democracy in the world and one of the most important countries

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