A Study On Gitau Kio Essay

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Gitau Kio, also known as Mzee Gitau Kio was as a businessman by trade, but was very involved in the agriculture that was happening within Kenya. Mzee Kio’s exact birth is not known but we do know that he was born in the 1930. Born in the rift valley, Nyandarua, he was not given the best environment to grow up seeing that British were still in control and making both working and living conditions very difficult for the just about every Kenyan citizen.

The British colonialists passed a both a hut and poll tax in 1910 which then forced everyone to pay in their currency. For the majority of kenyans this meant they would have to work for the British as either house help, farming help, tending the livestock or other casual duties. The colonialists made sure that they were conquering Kenya not only financial but they that they were taking control over it as a whole. It also encouraged peasant commodity production as much as wage employment. Peasant commodity production increased precisely in those regions from where the colonial state and capital expected to draw their labor, namely the Central and Nyanza Provinces.

The children who were given the opportunity to study at missionary schools within Kenya and eventually had the opportunity to go England to study found that countries like England and the United States had already asked for their independence from the British. So when they came home they started forming organizations and started demanding their independence, and…

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