Essay about A Study On Culture And Values

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In Florence 1389, a boy is baptized, he was not of noble birth. He was the son of a local merchant. His name was Cosimo De Medici. According to the book “Culture & Values: A survey of the Humanities” by Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, and Louis Fichner-Rathus, “ Cosimo de’ Medici (de facto ruler of Florence from 1434 to 1464) was an astute banker and a cultivated man of letters” (382). From humble beginnings, his dynasty would seek for power and influence and not stop until they secured the papacy itself. This was a world where power came at a price in three: murder, assassination, and war. However, the city of Florence was also home of creativity and for the greater glory of the family. The Medici would protect and pay for the greatest artists and thinkers of that age, Michael Angelo, Brunelleschi, Botticelli, Leonardo, Galileo. An expression of ideas that will shutter the medieval world and resonate for centuries with a single word, renaissance –rebirth-. Behind it, there is still The Medici, the godfathers of the Renaissance.
In a side street of the main plaza in Florence, an ambitious family was trying to make its name. The Medici bank was a small-scale operation, run from the back room of a woodshop. The growing business was managed by Cosimo’s father, Giovanny De Medici. Giovanny came from rural poverty to learn about great salesmanship and financial cautious. He chose his clients very carefully; it was not just profited value, it was loyalty. This was a…

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