A Study On A Museum Requires A Performant Lightning System Essay

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A museum requires a performant lightning system in order to observe the exhibits in a proper way. Taking a walk in Tate Modern I noticed that the light intensity as well as the light distribution is different in each space: the galleries from the Turbine Hall and the halls. In the galleries there are glowing light boxes displayed on the ceilings. The boxes are made out of glass and a steel frame. In addition to these there are also attached movable light bulbs on the steel skeleton of the boxes. In his article, John Hirst describes the inside of a light box: ‘Internally the boxes have removable sides and top and all equipment needing servicing or inspection is located within arm’s reach of the nearest light box’ (Hirst, 2000, p.30). Due to the light boxes, the light is not directed in a particular direction creating a very comfortable effect on the lighting of the room: the ceiling seems to be a glowing surface (Hirst, 2000). As the dimensions of the galleries are different, so are the size of the windows from the gallery rooms. Differing in which gallery they are located, all of the windows follow the height of the wall from floor to ceiling. All of them have a rectangular shape, small in width and large in height, mostly displayed on an entire wall. The first floor`s shape is contoured by a huge light box witch can be viewed from the Turbine Hall. The light from the Turbine Hall is from my point of view the most spectacular because of the light`s source. It is a mixture…

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