A Study Of Sounds Structure Essay

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1. Phonology is the branch of linguistics concerned with the study of speech sounds with reference to their distribution and patterning. One way to understand the subject is to contrast it with other fields within linguistics. Is the study of sounds structures in language.
2. Language is a human system of communication that using sounds or symbols that enables us to express our feelings, thoughts, ideas and experiences. Everyone agrees that there are certain respects in which languages differ; not only do they obviously have different names for things, they also construct these names differently.
3. dysfluency
4. Morphology is the branch of linguistics and one of the major components of grammar that studies word structures especially in terms of morphemes. It refers to the study of the internal structure of words, and of the systematic form-meaning correspondences between words. It aims to pin down the principles of relating the form and meaning of morphological expressions and explains how the morphological units are integrated and the resulting formations.
5. Pragmatics is the branch of linguistics concerned with how the “meaning” of an utterance depends on the circumstances in which it is uttered and how people use linguistic actions. It is seen as understanding between people to obey the rules of interaction. However, pragmatics studies can be interpreted in different ways based on the situation.
6. Syntax is the way in which words and punctuation are used and arranged…

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