A Study Lounge Of Ai, A Dorm At Uc Riverside Essay

1087 Words Feb 12th, 2015 null Page
Amberlight is a study lounge in AI, a dorm at UC Riverside. The Amberlight is a place for people to study, a place where the RSO hosts dorm event and info sessions, and where people go to buy snacks at a store called “Scotty’s.” The place has lots of desks where people can study individually and in groups. There is also a den where people can study without any distractions from the people entering the door from the left side. There is also a hall way in the back where people can go through so they don’t distract people from their studies. Amberlight provides a blackboard so students can work stuff out on a bigger surface or teach their peers. Amberlight is the place where almost every student living in AI will hang out. Many students come here to study. Amberlight is most busy with people studying during midterm’s season and finals week. A lot of people head down there to do events. In the first quarter of the year, they had a large “Gatsby is not dead” theme that attracted many people, even people from other dorms. Students also visit because they want to go to Scotty’s. Many students visit for Scotty’s. Scotty’s is where students can buy snacks and meals when they get hungry. Scotty’s also has convenient household items just in case students run out, such as soap or deodorant. I decided to learn more about Amberlight because I wanted to understand why they would choose this study lounge over the 24-hour quiet study lounge in the AB wing of AI. I came down to AI to study…

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