A Strength Of The Family Essay

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A strength that I see within this family is their bond and resilience. Although they are currently facing many hardships and obstacles they are attempting to recovery and adjust from it. A strength of the parents was their ability to make a critical decision in coming to the U.S in hopes of a better life for their family. That took a lot of strength and courage to make a move like that. The mother has been working hard to provide for her children. The children acknowledge this and help out as well. The oldest got a job and the youngest look out for one another. The providing and hardworking nature of the family is a strength. Another strength of the family is their ability to speak other languages. They are fluent in Chinese and Spanish. This could potentially make them marketable in the workforce and shows they are capable of learning another langue like English. The mother prays and her spirituality can be strength for herself as well as her family. A resource that these individuals have is their spirituality, the mother prays to Buddha and their Chinese ancestors. The family uses the Chinese medicine man as a resource for alternative healing remedies. The jobs that the parents and the oldest son have and held have also been a resource for this family. A final resource is the homeless shelter that they are staying in currently that provides food and shelter.
2. Identify the social, political, economic, and cultural factors that affect the client/student, and FAMILY.…

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