Essay about A Strange Land By Robert A. Heinlein

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The story Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein describes the life of a modern day “prophet” who is born in a spaceship during an expedition to the planet Mars. His name is Valentine “Mike” Smith and although his life was short it was extraordinary. When he is 25 years old he is returned to his people on Earth and begins to live a life unlike any other. He learns how normal humans act and discovers how horrible humans truly are and believes that he can cure humanity using his martian knowledge. Mike has trouble explaining his philosophies to regular humans so he has to change some ideas and create his own religion; “I was forced to smuggle it in as a religion—which it is not—and con the marks into tasting it by appealing to their curiosity” (Heinlein 391). Throughout the story Mike’s life is shown to be parallel to that of Jesus Christ. This is made obvious in at least three instances: Mike came to Earth in a different way than most humans; he began a new religion and preached a philosophical ideal, and then was killed by a mob of people who were upset with his beliefs.
Mike was brought to Earth via spaceship which is different than most people who are just born on Earth to two parents and Jesus came to Earth through a woman that was impregnated by God, which is also unusual. Mike had to be brought to Earth from Mars because he was born during the first ever expedition to Mars. Similarly to Jesus, he was technically the child of three parents because he had a…

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