A Sociological Perspective On The Sociological Imagination Essay

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1. Briefly describe your favorite character from literature, television, or film. Using your sociological imagination, explain some of the problems that character had/has from a sociological perspective. Be sure that you clearly define and identify "the sociological perspective" and "the sociological imagination." Be careful not to give a detailed summary of the character – stick to the sociology!
To imagine Cinderella in another situation from a sociological perspective.
When I was young, I really like to listen to the fairy tales from my mother. My mother used to tell me a lot of stories such as “Snow-white”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella”, and” Mermaid”. My favorite fairy tale is “Cinderella” because it is interesting. Moreover, Cinderella also my favorite character. When I grown up, I read “Cinderella” which is written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1967. The story told that a girl, who named Cinderella, had to live with stepmother and two sisters after her parents died. She has to work hard every with stepmother and two sisters bullying. Thanks to the miracle help her to go the prince 's party. Then, she dropped the glass slipper which is predestined affinity to help the prince see Cinderella again. Finally, they have a happy ending.
Nobody doesn’t want to be bullied, the human is equal. So that, Cinderella always is bullied by her mother step and two sisters which can be prevented if she leaves that house. “ You are in for an exciting and eye-opening…

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