Essay about A Social Stigma Of Drug Addicts

1241 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
There is a social stigma attached to drug addicts, they are seen as violent criminals with no morals to be heard or seen from. These generalizations are then relayed into communities from the law enforcement, with their solution being to throw them in jail. This does not help drug addicts, it only inhibits them from becoming sober and successful in life, as they now have countless number of felonies on their record. If a drug addict broke the law to fuel their addiction, then it is grounds for punishment and jail time; but, to purely put them in jail because they 're found with drugs in their system is not a fix to the solution. A study done by the journal Crime & Delinquency found, that if as little as 10% of drug addicts went to treatment centers instead of jail, the criminal justice system would save $4.8 billion (Kimble, 2015). It would be a crime itself to ignore the vast savings and the benefits of the individuals. According to Newswise, only 10% of the drug addicts who are incarcerated receive treatment. After their sentence is up, they return back on the path of drug abuse and soon to be back in jail (Zarkin, 2013). There needs to be more action done to prevent this cycle, addiction should not be considered criminal but rather an illness that needs treatment. As throwing addicts in jail is not the right answer, Drug Court has become the alternative to incarceration. This allows eligible users to go to a rehabilitation facility for a minimum of a year, instead of…

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