A Small Part Of Applied Behavior Analysis Essay

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A large part of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with children is reducing and eliminating problem behaviors like aggression, self-injury, and tantrums. Professional opinion suggests that maladaptive behaviors be replaced with a more socially appropriate behavior. This is important; frequently problem behaviors can be dangerous and harmful to the child and the people around them. The problem is that there is little research that has been conducted on this topic. There are few standards for selecting a replacement behavior. In their study, Winslow and Damon conducted two experiments in an academic setting to help develop the assessment for identifying problem behavior and choosing an appropriate replacement for behaviors. Replacement language was selected as the intervention for this research.

The quality of the research design is pitiful. The authors claim all trails were identical in implementation, criterion, and reinforcement across all tested subjects. However, with no specific descriptions or instructions of measurement and execution, it would be impossible to replicate or even analyze the validity of this research. There was failure to replicate the results of intervention with the experiment itself; 75% of participants that were treated either produced effects that had little statistical significance or were altogether ineffective. The data collection methods for of the intervals are not explicitly given. The graphs for the data of the two experiments were not drawn…

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