A Show Of Wax Figures Essay

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Murders continued to increase during the pre Civil War era also referred to as the antebellum era. The reason behind all these murders ranged from jealousy to money. James Gordon Bennett in “The Recent Tragedy”, Lincoln in “Remarkable Case of Arrest for Murder” and Nathaniel Hawthorne in “A show of wax-figures” discuss how money, professions, and jealousy played a role in murders. On the other hand authors such as Lisa C Tolbert in “Murder in Franklin: The Mysteries of Small-Town Slavery” argue differently by saying that money didn 't play a factor, but race did. Individuals may proclaim that race did play a factor, but did other things play a bigger factor? Jealousy, profession, and richness played a more prominent role in the murders during the antebellum period.
Ellen Jewett brought upon a lot of jealousy and unwanted attention upon herself due to her beauty. According to the document, “A show of wax-figures”, it says “… Ellen Jewett`s person and dress to them, he having ‘spared no expense in dressing her; and all the ladies say… handsomer female’ ”(Hawthorne 71). Her beauty was so exquisite and would be one of the reasons that a huge target would be put on her back. Seeing someone looking better than you brings upon a rage of jealousy. Women are always trying to outshine one another, but for men, seeing the woman with another man brings forth jealousy. All the ladies wanted to be her and all the men wanted her. According to Dawn Keetley`s, “Legacy” novel, he proclaims…

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