A Short Note On The Blue Pill And `` The Matrix `` Essay

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This abstract is a summary of research into malware called ‘Blue Pill’. It was developed by a security researcher named Joanna Rutkowska, a low-level security and stealth malware researcher. Her intention was to show that a prototype malware, code-named Blue Pill, could "100 percent undetectable” (Vaas, 2007). She created it as part of a research project. It worked by bypassing Microsoft 's digital signature protection for kernel mode drivers. The Blue Pill malware is like the movie, “The Matrix”. The user was unable to distinguish between what was real and what was not (Heary, 2016). They would therefore continue to use the system as if it were secure, when they were actually revealing valuable data to hackers.

A blue pill sounds like something that a doctor would prescribe for an ailment. In the world of Information Technology, it is something quite different. It does not cure an illness, in fact, it infects a host machine with malware that allows someone to take over a system. It works at the hardware level by controlling memory paging and related instructions that control interaction between a host (hypervisor) and its guest (virtual machine). It only works where there is hardware virtualization (Heary, 2016). It allows undetected placement of another operating system in place of the original system (Beaver, 2016). In other words, it takes over a virtual system without being discovered.
It installs without needing a restart and does not…

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