Essay about A Sense Of Place By Ron Rash

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A sense of place is particularly important in Appalachian literature. Place, or home, is where someone belongs. It is the attachment, emotions, and memories associated with a specific area. Oftentimes, it is where one feels most comfortable. For many of the characters in Appalachian literature a sense of place stems from different areas, whether it be the actual land or the people surrounding them. However, for most of them, a sense of place is a driving force behind their decisions and actions.
In One Foot in Eden, by Ron Rash, an attachment to the land is a motivation for many of the main characters. In Appalachian literature, the landscape often functions as a character in of itself. This means that the character’s sense of home is very much a driving force. The idea of belonging to a region plays several roles in the motivation for the characters. In Rash’s novel, a sense of place provides a connection between family, a way for younger and older generations to come together. For example, the sheriff’s father chooses to stay on his farm not just for himself, but for his family. Rash writes, “he held onto it not only for those who’d come before him but for his children and grandchildren. I knew his greatest satisfaction was being able to look in the fields and see his son and grandsons working the same land he’d worked all his life” (39). The sheriff’s father sees the land as something to be shared and passed on. It is a meeting place for the family; they can spend time…

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