Essay about A Second Language

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In Finegan et al.’s (seventh edition) he explains how in the acquisition of a second language, the student is faced with the task not simply of learning new information, which is part of his own culture but rather of acquiring symbolic elements of a different ethnolinguistic community. The new words are not simply new words for old concepts, the new grammar is not simply a new way of ordering words, the new renunciation are not merely different ways of saying things. They are characteristics of another ethnolinguistic community. Furthermore, the student is not being asked to learn about them; he is being asked to acquire them, to make them part of their own language reservoir. This involves imposing elements of another culture into one’s own life space. As a result, the student’s harmony with his own cultural community and his willingness or ability to identify with other cultural communities become important considerations in the process of second language acquisition. Some researches view second language learners as developing a series of interlanguages in their progression toward mastery of the target language. An interlanguage is that form of the target language that a learner has internalized, and the interlanguage grammar underlies the spontaneous utterances of a learner in the target language. The grammar of an interlanguage can differ from the grammar of the target language by containing rules borrowed from the native language, by containing…

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