A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner Essay example

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In a peculiar and intriguing short story called “A Rose for Emily,” William Faulkner tells about a mysterious and reclusive woman named Emily Grierson. Although the story is not told in chronological order, the five acts flow in such a way that the narrator is able to easily describe Miss Emily’s character through her actions over several years in the southern town of Jefferson. Despite Miss Emily’s family once being the town’s somewhat social-royalty, the speaker informs readers how Miss Emily as well as the town’s obligated niceties and duty to her began to change after her father died. Falkner also tells how Miss Emily does not pay taxes on her house, not even when she is ordered to do so by the authorities of Jefferson. In another act of refusal, when Miss Emily buys arsenic she does not tell the druggist what she intends to use the poison for, however she still succeeds in purchasing it. Through the use of symbolism and foreshadowing, Faulkner shows that it is essential for readers to understand Miss Emily and thus, her inability to accept change, to understand her reasoning behind why she eventually kills Homer Barron.
The first bit of evidence readers receive referring to Miss Emily’s mental stability and mindset is how she reacts to her father’s death. Her father had previously “driven away” (Faulkner 732) all interested young men, which left Miss Emily “robbed” (Faulkner 732) of her youth and life because he kept her so sheltered. This however, did not affect Miss…

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